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BROTHERS – Trendy (Official Music Video)

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ALL PLATFORMS: INSTAGRAM – Filmed by – Maxed Out Films …


  1. These guys need to be original, typical arabs lol out of all the natios these guys where the most fake shit lol from tns to Gucci hats to fake shirts yalla everything is fake Hahahaha

  2. I remember seeing people wear TNs in the late 90's maybe 97, 98 or 99 – can't remember exactly. I was a young kid, but the older kids in the neighbourhood wore them.

  3. Lebos lol, gotta admit the brothers got they own style!!
    Pity that the claim to own the lingo is wrong!!
    One four got that coconut sound which makes it better than that habibi language!! I've lived in WA, NT, NSW, VIC & QLD yet I've only seen those gay shoes in the cross?? Lebos, u cunts set the trend alright, for selling poofter juice 2 your bfs & their bfs bfs lol poofs

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