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First REACTION to " Rock Music " Evanescence ( Bring Me To Life )

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  1. Lead Singer Amy Lee always gets a Pass from me. Should check out the song Broken which she collaborates on with the band Seether. Seether – Broken awesome song, Amy Lee's voice is just amazing. I also recommend Seether – Rise Above This, which the lead singer Shaun Morgan wrote it in memory of his brother who committed suicide by jumping from a building. It brings tears to my eyes every time.

  2. Both Evanescence and the band 12 Stones who are playing in the apartment are Christian bands. For those of you who didn't know. Hopefully knowing that helps you understand the song better

  3. This reaction was terrible…. it’s an amazing song, and you’re asking “think he’ll get charged with murder?”
    Dude, it’s a music video. Try reacting to the song and the lyrics…. videos can ruin a great song.

  4. The guy singing with the lead singer, Amy Lee, is actually a featured guest artist on the song. He is actually a popular Christian Rock singer.

    Evanescence is an amazing sound that was refreshing and new at the time. Her voice is epic…especially the way she held that last note. I've tried many times to hold that note. I've done it, but let's just say I felt like I needed an oxygen mask and difbrulator. Lol

  5. This used in the movie Dare Devil in '03 duringwhere Elektra is throwing her sai's at sand bags with DD's face on it and is on th main soundtrack. As soon as i heard that song, i knew i had to get that album.

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