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Golden Oldies Rock And Roll Music Of All Time – Top 100 Classic Rock n Roll Songs Collection

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Music can be magic and powerful, managing to touch our emotions. Music can connect with others such as our culture and our language. We realize something …


  1. Cutting my lawn and almost every track brings back memories of my early teens learning guitar till 6 in the morning then rushing to school! Other track bring back memories of when my late wife and I were stepping out together. We were married 39 years & was 15 years ago when she passed away.
    Still loved the memories. 🎼Thank you for that🙏💛🎸

  2. Have to break out the old corded slip, circle and a half skirt and a rather too tight shirt to make me mum blush for me. yee haaa (whisper it – I was there when it was new – but still lurve it)

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