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Is Rock Music Dead?

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Is Rock Music DEAD? I mean as a worldwide MEGA genre. Is there a mainstream radio and touring movement that will ever be as big as it was with Grunge …


  1. KSHE is actually what’s left of a rock music format…I think that they are slowly changing music format. New rock music if it exists really sucks. Like good time rock and roll? Go to WTWW on 5085 shortwave or on internet radio. Best station ever.

  2. Hi, I love your videos, and yeah, it is so sad the way it is right now, but rock would not have "died" if there was more originality in it… look at the bands of the 70, 80 and 90ties … maybe rockers got too lazy ;)) 80 in my opinion was the pinnacle of originality (in pop music) + there is also a thing called personality … I think people (rockers) nowadays lack some of it. Also, I just cannot believe that everything that "rock instruments" make possible, has already been played. Just stop using templates 😉 I hope u continue with posting videos, like them very much

  3. So Woodstock is finally over, huh? The nuclear testing of atomic bombs created Mutants of remarkable musical ability. But drug abuse killed them all, and no new ones came. I don’t think the young people of today have the slightest inclination or desire to bring rock and roll back, sorry. Hate to say it, but it’s gone. Goodbye.

  4. It’s 2020. A decade of horrible music is over. I hope this new decade is better, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s been a long time since Cobain died, and I really think that was the death of rock and roll.

  5. Here's just my humble $0.02 as a musician with some 11 years of musical education.Had it been dead,then how come there are apparently a whole bunch of folks out there still listening to it and appreciate it?

  6. Papa Roach….didn't get mentioned…I am 64 y.o…Its Just A Game, Triumph, So lay it on the Line….never did like the singer's voice in Rush…just saying…UFO.

  7. Rock music (excluding classic rock) is sadly dead. Country (excluding the good outlaw classic country) is a mammoth disgrace and a brainless teen girls and trailer trash fed making of a fatal train wreck.

  8. I wish we had the answer to what happened. That shitty hip hop music doesn't make sense most of the time. All the songs talk about is sex, drugs, money, and fame. I just don't get it. Rock music saves people's lives and talks about social and popular issues that people go through. Why do people push it away, it makes me sad. Also, how did he not talk about Breaking Benjamin? love them forever.

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